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Cream Cheese Fudge Icing 1kg

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SKU 6121E2

Cream Cheese Fudge Icing is perfect to use with our Red Velvet Cake Mix. 

Product Information:
Ready-to-use straight from the container. • ambient stable even under warm and/or humid conditions.
Sets to give a non-stick surface.
Freeze/thaw stable.
Topping for cakes, slices etc. can also be used as a filling.
Full bodied cream cheese flavour and colour and a smooth, pleasant mouth-feel.
Note: Freeze/Thaw Instructions
This product has excellent freeze/thaw properties. Best results are obtained if the iced product is covered before freezing and stays covered until the product is defrosted. This helps to eliminate excessive drying out and surface condensation. These instructions also apply to refrigeration of the product.