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FREE POSTAGE ON ORDERS OVER $100* (Excludes helium balloon delivery)
FREE POSTAGE ON ORDERS OVER $100* (Excludes helium balloon delivery)

Custom Edible Icing Sugar Sheet

Original price $17.95 - Original price $24.95
Original price
$17.95 - $24.95
Current price $17.95

Edible Images from $17.95

Edible images are printed onto sugar paper with a plastic backing. They are made of sugar and are edible. Edible, food safe ink is used. 


Ready To Print - No additional changes or editing required

This includes a word document or a pdf which is ready to print. You may size up the images as required and upload using one of these formats. This option also includes a standard round 17.5cm print. You may upload a JPEG of the image you would like in the round size. The better the quality of the photo, the better the print

  • Upload a ready to print word document or pdf
  • Upload a single JPEG to be made into a round 17.5cm

Editing Required Additional basic editing and re-sizing required

This includes images that you would like to be made into a specific size. You may upload a JPEG photo and request for it to be made into cupcake toppers. You may also upload a word document with multiple photos and we can make them specific sizes. Please write the sizes required in the word document 

  • Upload a single JPEG to be made into 24 Cupcake toppers (4.2cm wide)
  • Upload a word document with multiple images and write the sizes requried for each image
  • Please note we are unable to improve or change image quality 

If uploading a ready to print Word Document, please leave a 4CM margin top and bottom and a 3CM margin from the sides

Bulk Buy - Purchase 4 or more of the same edible image and receive 20% off!


How To Use: 

  1. Keep your cake iced and ready. Buttercream is recommended. 
  2. Remove the plastic backing. To do this simply hold sheet from the corner and peel off image. It should come of easily. If not, try pulling it slowly across the edge of a sharp table
  3. Place image on top of the cake. Start from the middle and smooth outwards. Pat gently to smooth the image.

Store at room temperature (18°C - 28°C). Do not leave in direct sunlight. Place image on the cake just before serving. If the image is placed on the cake and the cake is stored in the fridge, moisture may affect the image by making the ink run.