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FREE POSTAGE ON ORDERS OVER $100* (Excludes helium balloon delivery)
FREE POSTAGE ON ORDERS OVER $100* (Excludes helium balloon delivery)

Edible Cupcake Toppers - Happy Birthday Rose Gold

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These edible cupcake toppers are printed on edible sugar paper using edible ink.

They are perfect for your cupcakes! They come on an A4 sheet. You may choose to cut them out yourself or leave it to us! 


Each topper is approx 3.8cm round

Pre cutting is an additional $6


How To Use: 

  1. Keep your cupcakes iced and ready. Buttercream is recommended. 
  2. Remove the plastic backing. To do this simply hold sheet from the corner and peel off image. It should come of easily. If not, try pulling it slowly across the edge of a sharp table. (If your toppers are PRE CUT, please skip this step)
  3. Place image on top of the cupcake.

You may also back the toppers onto fondant. This will make them sit better on your cupcakes. To do this, simply roll out your fondant. Lay your toppers onto fondant. With a round cutter or sharp knife, cut the rolled fondant to the shape of the toppers. A tiny bit of edible glue will help adhere your toppers to the fondant. 

Store at room temperature (18°C - 28°C). Do not leave in direct sunlight. Place image on the cupcakes just before serving. If the image is placed on the cupcakes and the cupcakes are stored in the fridge, moisture may affect the image by making the ink run.