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Silver Leaf Transfer Sheet 5pk

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Edible Silver Leaf is perfect for adding a luxury touch to your desserts. Includes 5 gold sheets, each approx 8cm x 8cm

These edible silver leaves are extremely delicate so care must be taken when taking them out of packaging and applying product. We recommend using tweezers.

How to Apply:

  1. Make sure that your fondant covered cake is free of any powdered sugar or cornstarch.
  2. Use a little water to make your fondant moist. Use a brush to wet the surface of your cake
  3. Carefully lift your gold leaf using tweezers and gently lay it over and press it onto your water painted surface.
  4. Once your gold leaf has been placed and attached you need to smooth it down. To smooth, gently and very lightly brush your transfer sheet with a high quality make up brush, something soft, large and rounded. You can use the transfer sheet to carefully smooth down the leaf.